Aldec Centrifuge Repair Done Right the First Time

//Aldec Centrifuge Repair Done Right the First Time
Aldec Centrifuge

Aldec Centrifuge Repair

Centrifuge World has a range of service offerings to enhance the performance of your Aldec Centrifuge. Depending on the nature of the service, These services are performed either at a specialized Centrifuge World Service center.

Centrifuge World offers comprehensive reconditioning and repair services for decanter centrifuges, which are performed at Centrifuge World Service centers. These services ensure equipment continues to deliver high efficiency and optimal performance.

To keep your  equipment running in top operating condition, maintenance is essential. To take advantage of our expertise, you can call on our highly qualified service engineers to help troubleshoot maintenance issues onsite or advise you at your facility. 281-565-8777

Aldec Centrifuge


When rotating equipment requires repair, Centrifuge World provide the following services for our decanters and disc stack separators:

  • Standard maintenance, when service in the field is not convenient
  • Welding of areas damaged due to mechanical, chemical or erosion attacks
  • Refitting of wear parts, such as o-rings and gaskets
  • Replacing worn out or damaged items
  • Executing upgrades
  • Balancing static and/or dynamic equipment based on needs and available equipment
  • Conducting a test run, depending on the equipment

Moving Forward!

Whether reconditioning or repairing equipment, you  will receive comprehensive report from our qualified service engineers. The report contains all service findings as well as recommendations on how to adjust equipment to suit current process or operating conditions. You also get an overview of the equipment parts that most likely will require replacement at the next service interval. This gives you peace of mind and ensures more uptime and greater availability of your equipment.

Above all, Centrifuge World makes it extremely easy to get a quote. Call, text or live chat with us today. To that end, have real agents on live chat ready and available to speak to you about your project. Our goal is to get you back in production as fast as possible.