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Flottweg Centrifuge Repair

Centrifuge World’s specially trained Flottweg centrifuge service technicians (certified in accordance with SCC) are available to you at short notice.

Centrifuge World sets itself apart from the competition by having trained, certified technicians  who specialize in the brand name entrusted to us to repair. Our engineers have years of experience in, inspection tear-downs and rebuilds of Flottweg centrifuges. All repairs are precision planned an executed in a timely manner.
flottweg centrifuge


Flottweg Centrifuge Repair

On-site and also in the factory we repair your flottweg centrifuge and your process equipment using original spare parts. After initial testing and cost assessment we will run the repair promptly. We give all centrifuges in need of repair the full white glove treatment. We do online visual inspection as well as complete in-house tear-down inspections for the most complete and accurate quote. Unlike our competitors when we give you a quote we stick to it. When we quote you a price you can rest assured that that is the number it is going to be on the final billing. We believe in an honest work policy.

flottweg centrifuge

In line with your requirements we will provide the documentation. Such documentation can consist of the following documents for example:

  1. condition report based on a checklist
  2. drawings with measured dimensions
  3. material certificates
  4. test logs like, for example, dye-penetration test, dimension logs, balancing logs
  5. commissioning test logs like, for example, test run, measurement of imbalance, noise and temperature

You will have a complete quote for all of the parts and repairs needed to get your centrifuge back in process. If we cannot find a part for your centrifuge we will fabricate a part from scratch the it guaranteed to be built to last and outperform the original O.E.M part. Call, Text or Live chat with us today to find out how we can help you get your Flottweg centrifuge back in process.